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What Is The Best Way To Remove Ear Wax?

Updated: Apr 28, 2021

Have you noticed some sticky substance coming out of the ear?

It is the earwax, and most of us do not feel concerned about it.

However, you need medical treatment if this earwax starts hearing problems and affects your day-to-day activities.

Without any delay, you can consider ear wax removal. But, which technique is best to remove your earwax?

Let us compare the techniques available for treating your earwax. You can analyze the details and choose the right ones.

Ear Candles

One of the common earwax removal kits is ear candles, also known as Hopi candles. Ear candles are useful for thermal auricular therapy.

There is a need to insert a paraffin-coated fabric tube. The tube helps in suctioning and pulling out the earwax.

However, these ear candles are not safe for your ears, as they can cause issues, like

  • Burning ears

  • Punctured eardrums

  • Bleeding

  • injuries due to wax dripping from candles

  • Fire risks

Children have a higher risk from candles, as they cannot stay still during the treatment. There are some incidents of the burning ear for this treatment.

Moreover, clinical trials have shown that ear candles fail to remove earwax. Thus, you can look for some other alternatives to solve earwax problems.

Home Remedy For Earwax

There are some home remedies for earwax when you have no perforation in your eardrum. You may soften the earwax using some types of oil, like mineral oil and baby oil.

Besides that, you can use glycerin and hydrogen peroxide as remedies. However, these attempts may fail to remove wax.

Ear Syringing

It is one of the ways to remove earwax from the ear. But, it may be ineffective in some cases. Ear specialists have warned that the application of metal ear syringes may damage your ear’s tympanic membrane.

Therefore, syringing can be a risky process, and it is not easy to control water pressure. You may also have a risk of infection.

For safer ear wax removal, you can visit our clinic. We have a scientifically proven techniques to remove ear wax.


You must not overlook earwax, as it may result in deafness and several other hearing problems.

Rely on our advanced ear cleaning technique, known as microsuction.

We have the best professionals to use microsuction tools that remove earwax. With the use of specialist equipment, we track the condition of your ear canal. Then, we apply the safe suction technique to remove the earwax from your ear canal.

Microsuction is one of the best earwax removal procedures, and it takes a few minutes to show the desired result. You do not need to visit the clinic several times. However, it is better to clean your canal regularly to avoid hearing problems.

Microsuction is safe for those who have

  • A history of undergoing ear surgery

  • A ruptured eardrum

  • Infection in the outer ear canal

Thus, visit our private clinic to get benefit from the microsuction technique.

Our clinics at Cohens Chemist are currently based at the following locations

  1. Cohens Chemist, Breightmet Health Centre, Breightmet Fold Lane, Bolton, BL2 6NT.

  2. Cohens Chemist, Waters Green Medical Centre, Sunderland street, Macclesfield, SK11 6JL.

or call us now: 0161 706 0217.

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