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Side Effects Of Ear Wax Removal

Updated: May 10, 2021

Have you scheduled your first appointment with an audiologist for ear wax removal? You may feel a little nervous, as you do not know what will happen during the treatment.

Most commonly, patients are highly concerned about the side effects of the treatment.

How will their body react to the treatment?

However, you can find differences in the side effects based on the chosen way of removing ear wax.

Professionals always consult with you to know your medical history before starting the wax removal process.

Let us talk about the most common techniques and their side effects.

Ear Syringing

It is an outdated technique and similar to the ear irrigation process. There are syringing ear kits containing bulb-type plastic ear syringes.

However, this process is not effective for those who have

  • Mastoid cavity

  • Perforated eardrum

  • Cleft palate

  • Any foreign object in the ear canal

  • Middle ear canal infection recently

Ear syringing can cause a number of side effects:

  • The water pumped into the ear to reach the ear canal may have a negative effect on the ear wax.

  • Damage to the eardrum and ear canal

  • Temporary loss of hearing ability

  • Tinnitus - Some ringing noise in your ear

  • Infection risks to the air-filled porous bone adjacent to the ear

  • Faintness and feelings of dizziness

  • Infection at the outer ear canal - More common to those who have eczema

Ear Candling

Ear candling is an unproven and unsafe technique, as the heat needs to draw the ear wax out of your ear. It can result in different negative effects, like

  • Fire risks- Burned neck, face, and eardrum

  • Eardrum puncture

  • Blockage to the eardrum due to candle wax

  • Contracting infection

  • Bleeding

  • Temporary loss of hearing

  • Middle ear damage

Avoid this treatment and look for better alternatives.


It is another innovative technique for ear wax removal.

Before starting the treatment, professionals will check your ear canal with a microscope.

Moreover, they use a small camera that easily fits into the canal. It helps them to identify the blockage inside your canal.

With a tiny vacuum, doctors will provide suction and dislodge the wax. It ensures easy removal of ear wax.

Microsuction is a painless process, and you will get the result in a few minutes. Some patients feel minor tickling sensations due to this process. When you feel discomfort during this treatment, you have to inform your specialist.

Researchers have found that microsuction for most of us. In a few cases, there are temporary and mild side effects, like

  • Reduced hearing

  • Dizziness

  • Discomfort for the noise issue during the treatment session

Final Thoughts

Overall, we can say that microsuction is a comparatively effective and safe technique for ear wax removal. In more than 90% of cases, this technique has shown the desired results. The best fact is that you will find it a quicker process.

Moreover, your ear canal does not need to have contact with moisture. Microsuction is also suitable for anyone who has undergone ear surgery and has a ruptured eardrum.

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