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Microsuction Ear Wax Removal - Get the Best Service in our Bolton and Macclesfield Clinics

Updated: Apr 30, 2021

Do you feel that something has clogged your ears? You cannot hear others’ words properly.

That may be the sign of earwax build-up. Wax produced in your ears protects your eardrums from debris and grime.

However, in due course, this earwax may become hardened and get stuck deeper inside your canal.

To get the best solution, you can rely on our professionals at our Bolton and Macclesfield clinics.

We are not an NHS ear wax removal centre. Our private clinic provides you with affordable service for ear wax removal. We apply the microsuction technique to remove the waxy component from your ears.

Microsuction - How does it work for your Ears?

Microsuction is a non-invasive safe technique to remove earwax deposits. When you visit our clinic for earwax issues, we use this technique to treat your ears. Our team uses an otoscope to have a detailed view of the interior condition of your ear canal.

Thus, a proper diagnosis is the most important step to analyse your ear canal. It helps in identifying foreign objects, infections, and injuries.

Why Microsuction is a preferable method for Ear Wax Removal?

1. No use of messy water

Do you know that ear syringing needs a flush of water into your ears? However, you will have no issue with microsuction. It will minimise the infection risks and make you feel comfortable.

2. No feelings of discomfort

Patients undergoing the traditional treatment have complained against discomfort. But, microsuction is a painless way to remove wax. You may visit our private clinic to go through the safe procedure. You will avoid potential damages to the sensitive parts of your inner ear.

3. No need for using ear drops

Before applying the syringing method, ear drops are essential to soften it. You can avoid this step with the microsuction technique. If the wax is hard and there is no preparation step, it is not easy to remove the substance.

On the contrary, our advanced microsuction technique needs no pre-lubrication. We have a specially designed microsuction tool to accomplish the task.

4. Reduced risk of perforations

When you have perforated eardrums, we recommend microsuction ear wax removal as the safest solution. We do not need to push anything into your eardrum.

Consult with us for Ear Wax Removal in Bolton or Macclesfield. We have licensed and reliable professionals to remove build-ups from your ears.

After a successful microsuction treatment, you will find your hearing ability restored. You can hear sounds properly and enjoy a better quality of life. If you have any problem with your hearing ability, you may schedule an appointment with us.

One common side effect is that microsuction lowers the temperature inside your ear, and thus, you may feel slight dizziness.

However, it does not last long, and you will easily get back the normal condition.

The cost for treating one ear is £45 and two ears £59. Affordable :)

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