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About us

At Imperial Medical Clinic we believe in putting the patient first. In real terms this means our focus lies on convenience and safety. We've managed to do this by collaborating with Cohens Chemist - a leading figure in the community pharmacy sector.


All our clinics are based in pharmacies in the UK. For you as the patient this means; no lengthy journeys to hospitals and a service delivered in familiar surroundings which are strategically chosen in terms of location.

We've made the booking process as easy as possible, simply book online or call our friendly bookings team if you have any questions. Lastly, do have a read of our FAQs as the vast majority of queries are addressed already.

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  • Who are we?
    Imperial Medical Clinic offers ear wax microsuction at a time and place to suit you. We work with experienced doctors, audiologists and ENT nurses who have years of joint experience in ear wax removal.
  • Where are your clinics?
    We are strategically located in Cohen's Chemist branches throughout the UK. By collaborating with one of the UK's leading pharmacy chains we can offer an efficient, community based service like no other
  • How is syringing different to microsuction?
    Simply put microsuction has replacedsyringing. Syringing cancause pain, infections, and eardrum perforations. Microsuction uses highly specialised equipment to directly visualise ear wax and removes much more than syringing. With this specialist equipment adverse effects such as ear drum damage is much less frequent as the practitioner can visualise your ear canal.
  • Do you treat children?
    We only treat adults over the age of 16 years. This is because children often have a degree of ear wax build up anyway which can be normal and part of normal physiology.
  • How can i book an appointment?
    You can arrange an appointment at a clinic close to you, at a time which suits you by; -Calling 0161 706 0217 -Using our "Book now" page
  • What payment methods are accepted?
    We accept most credit and debit cards. You only pay following your treatment.
  • How long will my appointment take?
    Our doctors spend time learning about your health in general, particularly any ear symptoms. This is followed by an examination and finally treatment if recommended. This usually takes on average 20 minutes however you should anticipate 30 minutes in case of stubborn wax
  • Can i drive after the appointment?
    Yes, if you do not have any new symptoms of vertigo
  • Should i do anything to prepare for my appointment?
    You can use olive oil ear drops in both ears. 2 drops three times a day for 1 week before your appointment. This often helps to soften the wax
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