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Ear wax microsuction to alleviate pain and deafness

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When you use Imperial Medical Clinic for ear wax removal there are no lengthy waiting times for appointments or long trips to hospitals. At Imperial Medical Clinic we offer professional ear wax removal delivered by trained staff all from the convenience of your local Cohens Chemist.


We believe in a clear and affordable pricing policy. No hidden costs involved!

Our practitioners carry out an examination of your ears before offering the most appropriate treatment for ear wax. No wax means no fee! It's as simple as that. 

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I received excellent treatment in the Bolton branch. The doctor was knowledgeable and professional, thank you

Mona L

My appointment was booked at short notice. I had severe ear wax in both ears and walked away 100% better. Definitely recommended

Sarah E

What our customers have to say

Everyone from the booking team to the practitioner were very helpful. The price was also lower than what i had paid elsewhere

Smita S

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